elin-enderborn asked:

Hi! just noticed your new logo at the end of your videos. It looks awesome :D and something that AJ would have made maybe?



Yes it is! I’d keep my eye out for cool GameTee stuff coming up, by the way. :)

The product of listening to too much Florence and the Machine :) Have a Zoey bun

I was just trying out FireAplaca, then rainbow lalna happened

I’ve only just figured out Lalnable Hector is supposed to be Hannibal Lecter

God dammit…


seminiray asked:

Hello! I just want to say I love your latest Nilesy piece! Everything about the picture just spells serenity too- how calm and happy Niles looks and of course Serenity herself <3


Thank you so much :3 glad someone recognised serenity ^ ^


Anonymous asked:

I really like your art it's all supper cute I love you style, ok baiii


haha thanks anon it means a lot :)

Am I too late to join the Flux!Kim train?